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How can I reduce noise in my car?

Whether you’re driving home from work or road-tripping long distance, excessive noise in your car can make the drive extremely unpleasant. It is hard to carry on a conversation or listen to music with rattles and vibrations in your car’s interior. Luckily, there are simple ways to make your car quieter without using cut-and-paste mat products.

Where does car noise come from?

Typically, most road noise comes from a few sources. Assuming that your tires don’t need to be upgraded, it is possible to add sound deadening products to strategic areas of the car in order to reduce noise. The first line of defense from road noise is the wheel wells or fenders. Noise from the tires running across the road will usually enter the interior via this area. By spraying LizardSkin, no matter if it’s metal or plastic, you will reduce a lot of the vibrations before it’s translated into noise inside the vehicle. For metal fenders, LizardSkin has the added bonus of being able to prevent rock stars or chips on top of the fender. Stones simply bounce off with no lasting damage. Oftentimes, adding LizardSkin Sound Control to the firewall and the floor can be the simplest way to make your car quieter. These areas reduce noise from the road, engine, transmission, and exhaust. If you have a sound system or a “box”, encapsulating the entire vehicle and trunk will do a great job of taking out the tininess, echoes, and vibrations that many people have to deal with.

Where can LizardSkin be used on my car?

Because LizardSkin is a spray-on coating, it can be applied to any part of the interior or exterior of your car, including:

  • Floor pans & floorboards
  • Transmission tunnels
  • Doors
  • Hoods and trunk lids
  • Under headliners
  • Fenders and inside fenders panel walls
  • Rear wheels

Spray-on sound damping vs. mat products

Many people have been using the mat-style products for years, but we hear the same gripes about them all too often. “I cut myself with the razor blade while trying to form it to a specific shape”, “the glue smells terrible and gives me a headache”, “this takes too long!”, and “it fell off in less than a year”. We developed LizardSkin to simplify this process because there is no cutting and pasting, no special shapes for specific areas, and no harmful chemicals (LizardSkin is water-based and environmentally friendly). Spraying on LizardSkin Sound-Control typically takes a quarter of the time to apply and provides sound protection without worrying about water getting behind and causing rust and corrosion. It will last for years without degradation, and can also be cleaned up with soap and water.

Ready to make your car quieter? Order LizardSkin-SC today!

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